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Langho U16 Girls Away vs Blackpool – Season opener

For the first match of the season the Langho U16 girls trekked over to Blackpool for a tough first fixture. The team was depleted of 3 cracking players through injury and other engagements, had no subs, but were happy and friendly as ever!  This was their first outing 9v9 on a full size pitch and Caitlin’s debut for the team.  Loads of effort from the girls against a well drilled team saw lots of pressure on Langho, but the girls battled hard in an unfamiliar formation.  Caitlin and Izzy defended well and Iola helped them out and shot up and down the left wing brilliantly.  Rebecca made some key tackles and Misty made a great run down the right, winning the ball under pressure from 3 Blackpool players. Hazel made a whole series under fine saves in net.

To try to release some pressure away from our goal and give the team more teeth, Hazel came out in the second half and Misty bravely stepped in again as keeper. Passes started to connect better and Annie fought well down the right wing unleashing another of her stingers.  The girls began to win more corners with Ella and her teammates pushing forward against determined Blackpool back line.  Hazel started to cut holes in their defence and after being fairly brought down in the box, scored a blinder with curl directly from the corner flag to give the team just reward for all their efforts! Blackpool continued to cycle their subs and threaten relentlessly and Amber showed her metal as she does so well.  In the dying seconds Hazel mistakenly brought down a player in the box, then put on her gloves again (well one of them!) and promptly dived and saved the resultant penalty. Priceless!

Despite the result and awful weather, Langho fought to the end and were laughing and joking despite being cold and wet. Truly the mark of a fantastic team that makes Tony and I proud to both coach.

Still looking for a couple more year 10 and 11 girls to add to our team. Contact langhogirlsfootball@gmail.com or just come down to training on Friday nights.

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